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WoodChip Studio Small Child Chair with Minion Upholstery

This week the WoodChip Studio have completed the development of the WoodChip Studio Small Child Chair with Minion Upholstery which will melt any child’s hart. Currently, the small chair is manufactured out of pine wood which can be stained to a wide range of colors. All chairs manufactured to date have been upholstered with minion fabric. The fabric used on the chairs are not limited to the minion design and can be customised to suit.

The aim of the WoodChip Studio is that the current pine chairs will be the stock product in the planned range but that in future some of the chairs will be manufactured out of hardwood. It is envisaged that the hardwood versions will be marketed as a set which will include a table to go with the chairs.

The WoodChip Studio will maintain a small stock of the chairs but can be commissioned to manufacture larger quantities if desired.

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