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The WoodChip Studio is a woodworking workshop which produces wood product both for private and commercial clients. Most of the projects done in the WoodChip Studio workshop is however not of a commercial nature but is designed to generate a general knowledge base for woodworking enthusiast. Most of the information generated in this manner can be viewed on the Woodworking page (blog) and is free to use.

The WoodChip Studio also markets woodwork related products through its online store. The main purpose of the online store is to generate income to cover the operating cost of the workshop while the free information is being generated.  Procuring your next woodworking tool through our site will be greatly appreciated.

The Portrait of a Master Woodworker


I wanted to add comments to this but this video says it all


Modern-day Woodworking Masters

At the WoodChip Studio, we celebrate our woodworking masters for they are our to teachers and there is no better way to learn from them other than observing these woodworking masters and then to copy and practice what we have learned. In our Master’s section, we are in the process of assembling a database of the masters and the knowledge that they have chosen to share with us. Most of the woodworking masters featured on our site have their own websites and social media outlets. We respect their knowledge and effort they have put in, in creating the content and therefore encourage our readers that if you have liked or shared the content on our site to do the same on the woodworking masters sites and their social outlets.



The WoodChip Studio Shop

Woodworking at the WoodChip StudioAt the WoodChip Studio, Power Tools, smaller Handheld Power Tools, and Specialised WoodCraft Tools can be purchased from the WoodChip Studio store. The WoodChip Studio’s websites aim is to make as much as possible free woodworking information available as possible. Unfortunately, this cost money and bills need to be paid. By purchasing your next workshop tool upgrade from the WoodChip Studio Shop you will allow us to continue to post loads more free information for you to enjoy.


Maintaining and updating the content on the WoodChip Studio website can be costly. We have affiliated ourselves with Amazon and have created our online store. When you purchase a product through our store we will receive a small commission (this does not inflate the product cost). Nobody is obliged to purchase through our links but your support will be greatly appreciated.

Our Latest Woodworking Posts


Grizzly Tools – The Grizzly Company & Grizzly Woodworking Tools

Grizzly Tools or more officially known as Grizzly Industrial started production in 1983 and has since grown into a woodworking and metal working tool and accessories giant in the USA. Today Grizzly Industrial owns huge warehouses, with almost a million square feet of warehouse space, from where it ships directly to the customer, cutting out […]

jointer, wood jointer

Jointer – Why do I need a wood jointer?

Jointer – Why do I need a wood jointer? This question has been asked by many new woodworkers and probably the best way to answer it is with the question many salted woodworkers have asked themselves “Why DID’NT I buy a jointer?” This question is usually asked just before they took the plunge and got themselves […]


How to Use Hand Planes

How to use hand planes is a bit of a dying art form, which is a pity as this skill in many aspects embodies the pure spirit of woodworking. Fortunately for us, there are woodworkers which have taken upon themselves to keep the skill alive and is willing to teach us how to use hand planes. […]


WoodChip Studio: Building a bee NUC box

Yesterday I mentioned that I started to prepare for a new project but failed to mention what the project will be. A couple of days ago my neighbor who is working as a beekeeper and beeswax candle maker asked me if I would be able to build them to build brood boxes and NUC boxes […]

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Power Tools Needed for a Woodworking Shop

Today is one those days where getting into my woodwork shop was challenging. To be frank despite my good intentions 3/4s through the day I gave up trying to do woodwork and concentrated on getting organized for a new project (building brood boxes for my beekeeping neighbor) starting tomorrow, provided that the universe aligns for me. Not […]


At the WoodChip Studio, we aim to continuously update our content with the best and latest knowledge and informative information. Enjoy and return soon to see else we have been up with woodworking at the WoodChip Studio.

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