Woodworking Power Tools

Power tools are an essential part of the modern woodworking workshop. Through our affiliation with Amazon we have tracked down the best and most popular brands and tools to make lite work of any woodworking project you may be doing. For your convenience, we have grouped these into easy to browse categories.  Check them out and make sure to click on the individual product images to gain access to the power tools specifications.


Power tools bench grinder
Bench Grinders
Power tools bicuit joiners
Bicuit and Plate Joiners
Power tools drills
Benchtop Drills
Magnetic Drills
Stationary Drills
Power tools dust extractors
Cleaners and Dust Collectors
Power tools jointers
Power tools planers
Benchtop Planers
Handheld Planers
Power tools routers
Power tools sanders
Belt Sanders
Combination Disc and Belt Sanders
Detail Sanders
Disc Sanders
Drum Sanders
Spindle Sanders
Random Orbit Sanders
Other Sanders
Power tools saws
Band Saws
Circular Saws
Jig Saws
Table Saws
Miter Saws
Scroll Saws

The WoodChip Studio is committed to continue the growth of the power tool shop to ensure that we will bring you the best high-quality power tools which are on the market. We will also from time to time do reviews on power tools and will publish the results on the WoodChip Studio Woodworking blog. Keep an eye open for the reviews by visiting the blog from time to time, or signup to our newsletter for the latest updates. Your patronage will be greatly appreciated.

New to woodworking

The WoodChip Studio is developing an information base for new and established woodworkers. The available information can be viewed in our woodworking blog and still in development a masters section where we will assemble a rich database of some of the bets woodworking which presents their skills on the internet.

For new starters and you are asking the question what do I need to become a woodworker or craftsman have a look at this post.

  • Power Tools Needed for a Woodworking Shop

Definition of POWER TOOLS:

This may not be the global definition but in our books, a power tool is a tool which is driven by a motor either coming from an electrical plugin to an external source or a tool which gets its power from a battery.

Special deals

Return often to the power tools page as we will from time to time have promotional deals which will be displayed at the bottom of this page.

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